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  • Pro-Testosterone was specifically created for men who want ripped, muscular bodies, lower body fat, more energy and increased libido. Use as directed if you think you can handle these effects.
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If you are suffering from low Testosterone you may see symptoms such as:

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  • Women & Confidence

    Dr. Slatcher from Wayne University states testosterone makes you more assertive and confident. A recent experiment proved women are attracted to men with high testosterone levels. Psychology journals link testosterone with being bolder and more likely to get the girl.

  • More Money

    University of Cambridge studies showed that Wall Street traders make more money in the days when their testosterone levels are higher.

  • Athletic Performance

    Dr. Ian Robertson shows testosterone boosts success. It boosts muscles size and strength, increases energy and makes you more focused and more decisive.

  • Heart and Prostate

    Dr. J Wright MD states that high levels of testosterone relieve common prostate issues and protect you against prostate cancer. Journal of Cardiology shows men with high testosterone have 30% lower risk of stroke and heart disease.

  • Heart and Prostate

    Testosterone creates rock hard erections and decreases fatigue and recovery times.

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  • Same formula increased the #1 anti-aging and steroid hormone DHEA by 47%
  • As a result men can benefit from increased muscle production and anabolic growth factors
  • And reap other health benefits like a reduction in bad cholesterol and cortisol (the stress and death hormone)
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May 25, 2017. The Compounder - Increased Estrogen in Men (http://thecompounder.com/increased-estrogen-in-men/)

Testosterone and digit ratio. In the Sex ID test we asked people about their index and ring finger measurements. Some scientists believe that the ratio of...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 1

May 28, 2017. DHT and testosterone_estrogen ratio | HairLossTalk Forums (https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/dht-a nd-testosterone_estrogen-ratio.90430/)

Increased Estrogen in Men Larry Frieders 2016-11-14T20:42:49+00:00 When testosterone levels are normal... This will change the ratio of testosterone to estrogen.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 2

June 11, 2017. Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio (http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?top ic=92.0)

1. J Sex Med. 2005 Sep;2(5):716-21. Clomiphene citrate effects on testosterone/estrogen ratio in male hypogonadism. Shabsigh A(1), Kang Y, Shabsign R, Gonzalez M...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 3

June 10, 2017. Clomiphene citrate effects on testosterone/estrogen ratio... (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16422830)

Hormones Part I: Hormonal Balance is the Key to Vibrant Health for Women. Friday, January 16, 2009 by:... Women have a high estrogen to testosterone ratio.

June 8, 2017. Seasonal Fluctuations in Testosterone-Estrogen Ratio in... (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.2164/jandrol. 112.016386/full)

WebMD explains normal estrogen and testosterone levels in women and how they affect health and mood before and after menopause.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 5

June 6, 2017. Man Boobs And The Estrogen to Testosterone Ratio | Chest... (http://chestsculpting.com/man-boobs-and-the-estroge n-testosterone-ratio/)

Clomiphene Citrate Effects on Testosterone/Estrogen Ratio in Male Hypogonadism J Sex Med 2005;2:71. ABSTRACT. Aim. Symptomatic late-onset hypogonadism is associated...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 6

June 5, 2017. Estrogen/Progesterone Ratio & Elevated Testosterone (http://www.progesteronetherapy.com/estrogenprogeste rone-ratio-elevated-testosterone.html)

Testosterone is usually rising too, and this is rarely checked, it does having a huge bearing on mood... help with progesterone-estrogen ratio by: Wray

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 7

May 30, 2017. Hormone Testing | Progesterone-info (http://www.progesterone-info.com/hormone-testing.ht ml)

Female Hormone Restoration... testosterone, and various forms of estrogen... Another major problem with conventional HRT is the estrogen ratio.

June 15, 2017. Testosterone Estrogen Ratio (http://www.peaktestosterone.com/Testosterone_Estrog en_Ratio.aspx)

What is an appropriate Test/estradiol ratio for optimum health and sexual functioning in men? My most recent labwork is below. Is there a general rule of thumb for...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 9

June 2, 2017. Low Testosterone: 9 Signs in Men - Healthline (http://www.healthline.com/health/low-testosterone/w arning-signs)

ABSTRACT. Aim. Symptomatic late-onset hypogonadism is associated not only with a decline in serum testosterone, but also with a rise in serum estradiol.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 10

June 1, 2017. 22766718 - National Center for Biotechnology Information (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22766718)

Hormone Testing. You can order your... The progesterone/estrogen RATIO is 20:1, it should be 600:1 and over... Free Testosterone - ranges from 1 to 4% of total.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 11

June 4, 2017. Clomiphene Citrate Effects on Testosterone/Estrogen Ratio... (http://www.drdekel.com/content/clomiphene-citrate-e ffects-testosteroneestrogen-ratio-male-hypogonadism)

When production of testosterone drops or ceases, a range of symptoms can occur. Some are subtle. Learn the most common signs low testosterone (low T).

June 12, 2017. Testosterone/Estrogen Ratio - Low Testosterone Answers (http://www.lowtestosteroneanswers.com/testosteronee strogen-ratio/)

Could you please let me know my testosterone to estrogen ratio for the following numbers? Total Testosterone 191 ng/dl range 250-1100 Free Testosterone 40.9 pg/ml...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 13

May 24, 2017. Estrogen Ratio Testing | Tenpenny IMC (http://tenpennyimc.com/specialized-tests/estrogen-r atio-testing/)

Thanks Matrix. I have a quetion about the Bioavailable Testosterone and Totat T. Does Total T matter at all? Lets say you have 2 guys, with a Bioavailable T of 15...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 14

May 27, 2017. Estrogen and Testosterone Hormones | HowStuffWorks (http://health.howstuffworks.com/sexual-health/sexua lity/estrogen-and-testosterone-hormones-dictionary. htm)

Estrogen Ratio Testing... There are hundreds of different hormones in the body. The female hormones most commonly known are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 15

June 13, 2017. Male Hormone Restoration - Testosterone, Estrogen... (http://www.lifeextension.com/Protocols/Male-Reprodu ctive/Male-Hormone-Restoration/Page-01)

It may not be out of place to mention here that Estradiol is the most potent estrogen in males and is referred to as E2. The ratio of testosterone/estrogen

May 26, 2017. Estrogen in Men - musclechemistry.com (https://www.musclechemistry.com/upload/bodybuilding -steroid-and-training-articles/87091-estrogen-men.h tml)

And it is this elevated estrogen level which will reduce the T/E ration and reduce the critical anabolic to catabolic ratio. An ideal testosterone to...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 17

May 31, 2017. Clomiphene Citrate Effects on Testosterone/Estrogen Ratio... (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1743-6 109.2005.00075.x/abstract)

When sex hormones are tested in women either in saliva or blood spot, ZRT test reports give a ratio of progesterone (Pg) to estradiol (E2). The ratio is helpful in...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 18

June 14, 2017. Testosterone/Estrogen Ratio in Men | MESO-Rx Forum (https://thinksteroids.com/community/threads/testost erone-estrogen-ratio-in-men.134321772/)

Male Hormone Restoration... One of the most important factors that affect testosterone levels and the ratio between testosterone and estrogen is the aromatase enzyme.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 19

June 9, 2017. Hormones Part I: Hormonal Balance is the Key to Vibrant... (http://www.naturalnews.com/025340_women_estrogen_te stosterone.html)

You have free access to this content Seasonal Fluctuations in Testosterone-Estrogen Ratio in Men From the Southwest United States

May 29, 2017. Understanding Hormone Restoration Therapy | Life Exrension (http://www.lifeextension.com/protocols/female-repro ductive/female-hormone-restoration/Page-02)

As I'm lurking the internet and looking at different information about Hair Loss I came across an interesting article and different look regarding DHT and hair loss.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 21

June 7, 2017. Normal Testosterone and Estrogen Levels in Women - WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/women/guide/normal-testosteron e-and-estrogen-levels-in-women)

Current research indicates it balances agaisnt overactivity of both testosterone and estrogen... In PCOS testing, the LH:FSH ratio may be used in the diagnosis.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 22

June 3, 2017. Help with Progesterone-Estrogen Ratio (http://www.progesteronetherapy.com/help-with-proges teroneestrogen-ratio.html)

Moved Permanently. The document has moved here.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 1

January 14, 2018. Hudson's Guide: Testosterone Types and Delivery (http://www.ftmguide.org/ttypes.html)

Testosterone injections deliver testosterone intramuscularly (into the muscle) to be absorbed directly into the blood stream.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 2

January 15, 2018. best testosterone booster UK - Nature's Cure Zone (http://naturescurezone.com/testosterone-booster/)

Testosterone Propionate Drug Information from Drugs.com. Includes Testosterone Propionate side effects, interactions and indications.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 3

January 16, 2018. 7 Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women (https://tctmed.com/7-symptoms-of-low-testosterone-i n-women/)

Information about testosterone types and delivery methods for FTM transsexual and transgender hormone therapy.

January 17, 2018. Testosterone Enanthate - Steroid.com (https://www.steroid.com/Testosterone-Enanthate.php)

These 4 causes of high testosterone in women might just be what's making you feel the way you do. Click to learn these causes and what you can do about them

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 5

January 18, 2018. 30 Foods that Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally... (https://www.anabolicmen.com/foods-that-boost-testos terone-naturally/)

The Clues If you are overweight, you may have elevated estrogen levels; fat cells actually produce the hormone, so extra weight can lead to too much estrogen in the body.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 6

January 19, 2018. Clomid for Men with Low Testosterone Part One by Jeffrey... (http://jeffreydachmd.com/clomid-for-low-testosteron e-part-one/)

We have the lowest prices and information for Testosterone Enanthate. Testosterone is used to raise hormone levels in men.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 7

January 20, 2018. Testosterone Hormone Therapy with Pellet Implants for Women (http://www.myhormonetherapy.com/wp-content/uploads/ 2012/06/Testosterone-Therapy-for-Women.pdf)

These 30 foods will skyrocket your natural testosterone production and send your androgens to the upper ranges naturally and safely.

January 21, 2018. PharmaFreak Anabolic Freak Testosterone booster - PharmaFreak (http://pharmafreak.com/products/testosterone-booste rs/anabolic-freak/)

Clomid For Men With Low Testosterone by Jeffrey Dach MD. This article is Part One, For Part Two, Click Here. For Part Three Click Here A Case Report

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 9

January 22, 2018. 6 Causes of High Testosterone in Women - restartmed.com (https://www.restartmed.com/high-testosterone-women/)

ANABOLIC FREAK is a testosterone support supplement, built to assist with muscle growth from a clinically validated dose of D-Aspartic Acid.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 10

January 23, 2018. Testosterone supplement natural for women men ways to... (http://www.raysahelian.com/testosterone.html)

international programme on chemical safety world health organization toxicological evaluation of certain veterinary drug residues in food who food additives...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 11

January 24, 2018. Men: Stop Thinking Your Hair Loss Is Due To High Testosterone (https://perfecthairhealth.com/men-stop-thinking-you r-hair-loss-is-due-to-high-testosterone/)

Hormone imbalance is best understood by knowing how a normal menstrual cycle works. Learn about menstrual cycles, hormone testing and restoring balance.

January 25, 2018. What Are the Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance? | Christiane... (https://www.drnorthrup.com/estrogen-dominance/)

This is a very interesting and informative article. I never knew the relation of hair with testosterone-estrogen ratio. I just thought the hair loss happens due to...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 13

January 26, 2018. 52 Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally... (https://www.anabolicmen.com/how-to-increase-testost erone-levels-naturally/)

What Are the Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance? Plus 7 Holistic Ways to Decrease Estrogen Dominance. by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 14

January 27, 2018. Testosterone - Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone)

14,000 word guide on how to boost testosterone. Find out the 52 things you can do to effectively supercharge natural testosterone production.

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 15

January 28, 2018. Digit ratio - Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digit_ratio)

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. In men, testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues such as...

January 29, 2018. What is estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (http://www.rx2u.com/natural%20hormones.htm)

The digit ratio is the ratio of the lengths of different digits or fingers typically measured from the midpoint of bottom crease (where the finger joins the hand) to...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 17

January 30, 2018. 2D:4D Ratio, Testosterone, and Masculinity | The Art of... (https://www.artofmanliness.com/2016/07/25/2d4d-rati o-masculinity/)

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Your body is changing Your life doesn't have to. Through the use of plant-derived hormones that are biologically identical to those...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 18

January 31, 2018. Estrogen - Peak Testosterone (http://www.peaktestosterone.com/Estrogen.aspx)

While it might sound like hokey palm reading, researchers are finding that the ratio between the length of your ring and index fingers may in fact correlate to your...

testosterone to estrogen ratio picture 19

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